Are Computers Replacing the Traditional Stationery Supplies?

While there are people who believe that computers are becoming the new stationery, there are those who say that computers will never fully replace the traditional instruments.

Computers Overtaking Stationary

This group believes that because computers are making our lives more convenient, they will replace traditional instruments such as pens and pencils for good. According to them, computer usage is widespread, and people can now type out notes instead of using a pen and paper to write them down by hand.

Typing handwritten documents has also become much easier with computer software programs like Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages program. Furthermore, computer printers have made printing any document easy as well. You no longer need to go through all sorts of trouble to print something.

Stationary is Still Relevant

To this group, computers cannot replace the need for traditional writing utensils, despite computers dominance. Pens and pencils have been around since the 18th century, while computer technology is still relatively new to us in comparison; it’s only about half a century old.

Thus, group also argues that despite computer software programs making our lives more efficient, they will never fully take over because of how easily they can be misused or even break down.

When it comes to printing documents, having a physical copy on hand would always be best if you want something permanent instead of digital copies, which could get lost or deleted very easily.

As you can see from this debate, there are pros and cons to both sides of the discussion. It seems that society is still on the fence about this argument, but it’s nice knowing computers are making our lives easier for now.

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